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The Thin Line


Arja Salafranca

The stories in The Thin Line hook the reader from the first one, and reel you in on that thin line.

The stories in The Thin Line hook the reader from the first one, and reel you in on that thin line. You will be haunted by the carefully drawn characters: by Corinna trapped in her huge teenage body, by Cleo in love with a married man after all these years, and poor skinny Mark, as he sees his love teeter away from him. Salafranca is an accomplished, award-winning writer, this long- awaited collection is a box of jewels.

Arja Salafranca

Arja Salafranca

Arja Salafranca is an award- winning, widely published writer of prose and poetry. She is the Arts and Lifestyle editor of The Sunday Independent. She lives in Johannesburg.

“Salafranca’s style in this collection is best described as cinematic. Each story plays out like a camera lingering on minutiae which, brought together, tell the reader a great deal about the characters and situations which form the subject matter… The most striking – and refreshing – aspect of this collection is that it bears no trace of the albatross that many South African writers find tethered to their neck: the burden of our past, the issue of “representation”, and the pitfalls of stereotyping and political correctness.”
The Star

“The author tells the reader much about the human condition, about loneliness and the desperate search for fulfilment in relationships, about “body loneliness”, about how community dictates how we must look and love… For me the biggest bonus was that there is a strong consciousness of the structure of the short story and an implicit reaction to the tradition of the short story.”
Die Burger

“Short stories seem to place more pressure on a sentence, and Salafranca’s prose is tight. Many of her descriptions had me nodding jealously, aptly capturing some characteristic of South Africanisms. This collection is well-worth a read, especially for anyone who wants to write short fiction.”
Jen Thorpe, editor of Feminism Is

“This book combines excellent writing skill, an interesting choice of subject and a fine display of characters that become alive while reading. It also carries a message of love lost and gained and how fragile relations can be.”
Dries Brunt, Citizen