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Now I See You


Priscilla Holmes

‘I’m warning you, get off this case, Thabisa Tswane, otherwise you’ll die. Here’s a taste of what you’ll get.’

Armed robbery is nothing new in South Africa. But when a pair of clever and squeaky-sounding criminals go on a looting spree that rocks several small towns in the Eastern Cape, Detective Inspector Thabisa Tswane from The Eagles, the Special Violent Crimes Unit is called to work the case. There’s only one problem, one of the most important witnesses in the case is her estranged grandfather, Chief Solenkosi, who ordered her violent expulsion from the village over 10 years ago.

In another world of lunches at the Michelangelo, private game lodges and platinum cards, the rich and slick Ollis Sando smoothes his way through cocktail parties and networking meetings. He is rumoured to be in line for the presidency in the upcoming elections. But he has a dirty past, something to hide and a hostage to hide it for him.

In Now I See You Thabisa’s traditional and professional skills will be pushed to the limit. She will have to learn the difference between looking and seeing. And in stirring twists of fates, we’ll see that past and present blur, everything is interconnected and nothing can be assumed.

Priscilla Holmes

Priscilla Holmes

Priscilla was born in England and has lived in Austria, Hong Kong, Zambia, Australia and now South Africa. Most of her working life was spent working as a communications consultant. Her first book, a teenage novel, The Children of Mer, was published in 2004. She runs creative writing workshops in Cape Town and has collaborated on two novels with her writing groups.

Whilst living Johannesburg for fourteen years, Priscilla and her husband spent a lot of time in the Eastern Cape. She and her husband now live in Cape Town.

“A gripping, fast moving crime novel keeps the pages turning.”
– Penny de Vries, Goodreads Reviewer

“A raw, raunchy thriller that interlinks remotest rural South Africa with affluent Johannesburg suburbia, asking questions of each and weaving a tale so rich and twisting that any reader will enjoy tracking it.”
– Tim Butcher

“An enjoyable read… Fast-paced and exciting.”
Jen Thorpe, editor of Feminism Is

“This is an engaging, enjoyable story with many angles… compelling and easy to read.”
Dawn Blankfield, The Bluestocking Review