Celebrating World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day and our 6th Birthday, we’re making the following offer. Buy one of our books direct from us and Modjaji will donate a book to Westridge High, the Book Lounge’s 2013 Library project school. You can buy any title – we will post it to you. And then you can either choose a Modjaji title of similar value or leave us to choose the title and we will donate that book to the school.

We will also have a lucky draw and one of the people who plays the game will get to choose a free book for themselves in addition to the book they bought.

When I started working at the Centre for the Book in 2001, we worked hard on World Book Day, getting a poster together, organising events in schools, collating all the related happenings around the country. This is my small contribution to this year’s World Book Day events.

If you want to participate email me at cdhiggs at or call at 0727743546

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