Karkloof Blue : A Maggie Cloete Mystery

Charlotte Otter

Karkloof Blue is the sequel to critically acclaimed Balthasar’s Gift.

Greenwashing, corporate intransigence and bloody secrets.
Maggie Cloete’s back.

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Karkloof Blue : A Maggie Cloete Mystery

Greenwashing, corporate intransigence and bloody secrets. Maggie Cloete’s back. After working in Berlin and Joburg, she returns to present-day Pietermaritzburg as the day news editor for The Gazette. When a well-known environmentalist commits suicide, Maggie finds herself caught in the crossfire of conflicting interests. Sentinel, a national paper company, intends to log a piece of natural forest in the Karkloof, home to an endangered butterfly. While her brother joins a group of environmental activists determined to stop the logging at any cost, The Gazette itself is ensnared in complicated negotiations with Sentinel over paper prices. When the loggers unearth a gruesome find in the forest, Maggie discovers a litany of secrets, lies and betrayal. As South Africa’s present confronts its past, Maggie faces the most bitter surprise of her life.

Charlotte Otter

Charlotte Otter is a South African writer living in Germany. She is a journalist by training, and began her career as a trainee reporter on The Witness and The Star, before working at The Citizen as a crime and court reporter. Charlotte relocated to Germany in 1996 to work for the technology company SAP. Her first novel, Balthasar’s Gift, featuring crime reporter Maggie Cloete, was published in Germany in 2013 by Ariadne Verlag and in South Africa in 2014 by Modjaji Books. Charlotte works full-time at SAP and uses the early morning hours to write novels. She lives in Heidelberg with her husband, three children and a ton of books.

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“Fearless, upright Maggie Cloete grows on you, whether you like it or not, and she must go on.” Die Welt

“ May this intriguing and distinctly South African series be long.”
Cape Times

“A gifted crime novelist.”
Business Day

“Charlotte Otter is on a par with authors such as Deon Meyer and Robert Smith, who tell us about today’s South Africa; she’s written a great main character.”
Radio Bremen

“Charlotte Otter has created a female character that is not only strong and heroic, but is also courageous, committed and vulnerable.”
Der Freitag

“The main character is the quintessential, flawed, crusader who always bucks authority one tends to find in this genre of novel. She is likeable in her flawed intensity and her love for her difficult brother. Highly readable and insightful.”
Gwynn, Goodreads reviewer