Reclaiming the L-Word reviewed in Agenda

Wonderful to see that a book published in 2011 is still being reviewed. Here’s a review in Agenda of Reclaiming the L-Word edited by Alleyn Diesel.

Diesel’s effort in garnering the writing together and the creative expression that the collection includes deserves credit. She has brought together the untold stories or at least those only told over dining room tables, in therapist’s chairs and other safe spaces for gay women. This book, however, is not only for lesbians, those thinking that they might be, or those that are just ‘curious’. It is a book for families and friends of gay women and anyone who loves a good South African story (although some are more readable as ‘good stories’ than others). It is an important textual work for our time, awakening the soul to ‘ordinary lives’ in an extraordinary country.

Reclaiming the L-Word

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