Queer Africa: New and collected fiction up on Little White Bakkie

Queer AfricaMaThoko’s Books’ first fiction title will be out soon. We (the team who have worked on this book) are all really excited to see it. It’s taken three years to put together. (Long story). Makhosazana Xaba and Karen Martin compiled the collection of “Queer African” stories from a wide range of writers on the continent.

The book is a beauty, a gorgeous cover with flaps! Carla Kreuser did the cover art work. To give you a taste of what is to come here is the teaser on Little White Bakkie.

This is what Gabeba Baderoon says about the book:
Queer Africa is a collection of charged, tangled, tender, unapologetic, funny, bruising and brilliant stories about the many ways in which we love one another on the continent. The collection includes exquisitely written work by some of the great African writers of this century – K. Sello Duiker, Monica Arac de Nyeko, Beatrice Lamwaka and Richard de Nooy – as well as new voices that map out a haunting, intricate, complex Africa. Phrases like Wamuwi Mbao’s ‘She looks like you, when nobody’s watching her’ and Sello Duiker’s narrator’s ‘gentle sadness that doesn’t take you all at once’ share with us not only the aftermath of sex, but moments where the world opens itself. In these unafraid stories of intimacy, sweat, betrayal and restless confidences, we accompany characters into cafes, tattoo salons, the barest of bedrooms, the coldly glinting spaces into which the rich withdraw, unlit streets, and their own deepest interiors. We learn much in these gloriously achieved stories about love and sex, but perhaps more about why we hurt and need one another.

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