Modjaji fans pull through to support local indie publishing

Publishing is something that is, in general, achieved behind a screen. Answering and writing emails – so, so many emails. Reading manuscripts and proofs. Inspecting concept sketches for covers. Filling out forms. Social media. More emails.

So, in early May, we decided to bring it back to the basics, to the reason we publish in the first place – the books themselves, and the people who read them. We opened up the Modjaji offices (Publisher Colleen Higgs’ home in Cape Town) and hosted our a Modjaji Pop-Up Shop, we haven’t had one for quite a while.

We hauled the books from the boxes and shelves where we normally store them, put them on display, and baked some brownies – because everything’s better with a brownie, or two. Now all we needed was you – Modjaji fans and bibliophiles. 

And you came. We were absolutely delighted with the turnout; nothing could have made us happier than seeing how many wonderful people pulled through for Modjaji, and left with either a single title they’d been eyeing for a while, or a whole stack to add to their To-Be-Read pile. And, of course, some limited edition, exclusive Modjaji notebooks and postcards.

If you didn’t make it – or you’re just keen to add even more Modjaji titles to your bookshelf – don’t worry; we enjoyed ourselves so much, we’re planning on hosting another pop-up or two before the end of the year, and hopefully, they’ll be even more fabulous.

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