March newsletter: launches, new titles and more!

It’s a busy month for Modjaji Books! Read on to discover the launches, author appearances and new titles that are in store in March.


Don’t forget about these upcoming launches!

Nedine Moonsamy’s The Unfamous Five at the Book Lounge in Cape Town on 5 March at 17.30 – more details here

Barbara Adair’s WILL, the Passenger Delaying Flight… at Love Books in Johannesburg on 19 March at 18.00 – more details here 

Barbara Adair’s WILL, the Passenger Delaying Flight… at the Book Lounge in Cape Town on 24 March at 17.30 – more details here

Jewish Literary Festival

Lynn Joffe, author of The Gospel According to Wanda B. Lazarus, will be appearing at the Jewish Literary Festival on 15 March 2020 at 14.50 in the Holocaust Seminar Room. In conversation with Diane Awerbuck, Lynn will speak about her debut novel and its origins, why mature women make the best writers, and the things we learn during the writing process. Don’t miss this discussion of a rollicking comedic ride!

More info on the Jewish Literary Festival can be found here; tickets can be purchased here.


We’re proud to announce that Tariro Ndoro’s Agringada: Like a gringa, like a foreigner won the award for Outstanding Poetry Book at Zimbabwe’s NAMA 2020 Awards last weekend!

You can purchase the collection here.

Forthcoming titles

Fall Awake by Jeannie Wallace McKeown

“Here are poems about the moments and details of a life. Poems about oxblood boots, about love and its intensities, about feeling ripped in half after a birth, and revelling in a son’s discovery of dust motes. Poems about divorce and about loving women, at being surprised by a love for a man who will become an ex-husband. The outside world peers in with poems about flaming aeroplanes going into towers. These are poems where ordinary moments become extraordinary through their telling in soft, flowing lines.”– Arja Salafranca, author of Beyond Touch and The Thin Line

Celebrating 15 years of Modjaji poetry

In addition to Fool’s Gold, a selection of Modjaji short stories published in 2019, Modjaji Books will be launching The Only Magic We Know, a collection of poetry by Modjaji poets, in 2020. These titles celebrate Modjaji Books as a publisher of debut poetry and short fiction, one of the only publishers in South Africa to take a chance on new writers. Don’t miss out on these hand-picked selections!

Preorder The Only Magic We Know here; buy Fool’s Gold here.

Predictive Text

I use words
to counter chaos.
I map the mountains,
exploring peaks and valleys,
avoiding avalanches.

In a series of tender, bite-sized poems on being a writer, loneliness, faith, patriarchy, climate change, grief, and more, Crystal Warren offers up an ode to the every day. With Warren’s signature light touch, Predictive Text is sensitive, unaffected, a relief from the brash, unrelenting tumult of twenty-first century life, while tethered to deeper truths.

Buy Predictive Text here.

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