Celebrating 11 years of publishing poetry

A handful of Modjaji poetry titles

In preparing for the upcoming McGregor Poetry Festival, we realised that Modjaji Books has published 45 collections of poetry since 2007! Amongst these beautiful books are 3 X Ingrid Jonker winners, 1 X UJ debut winner, 2 X SALA winners, and one poet who was nominated Commonwealth Poet in 2014. Some of the poets were previously published, some have gone on to publish another collection, sometimes on their own, sometimes with another publisher, sometimes with us. Some of these poets have had their poems translated, selected to be in anthologies like A Century of SA Poetry and others. Some poets have had their poems included in classroom materials. All have had launches, almost all have been invited to literary festivals, some have received writers’ residencies and other opportunities based on their published collection. Sometimes it is good to take a moment to celebrate the good, the achievements and not just to feel the anxiety of how to continue.

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