Modjaji Matrons, Friends, Supporters and readers

Thanks to the following people and organisations

It is extraordinary how many people have helped to make Modjaji Books work, there are people I haven’t mentioned, but if you are reading this, please know you are acknowledged, those who have reviewed books, been judges on prize competitions, festival organisers who have included our authors, people who have loved one or more of our books and have praised them on social media; the many, many people who have been in conversation with Modjaji authors as they have launched their books. We have been fortunate to find readers who have been excited by our titles; the people who have come to various fund-raisers and bought books and paid their dues.

All of you have made it possible for Modjaji Books to grow from a tiny speck to a small, feisty publishing house that has always punched way above its weight.

We are also grateful to all the authors who have come to Modjaji Books so we have the privilege, joy and pleasure of publishing your beautiful books. Thank you for all you do to promote your own books and the books of others, both within Modjaji Books and more widely. Your passion and commitment is breath-taking and exciting to witness.

Modjaji super stars

Colleen Crawford Cousins – has been an enormous supporter of Modjaji from the beginning, she has helped us in so many ways, from editorial work to strategic planning, counseling, cups of coffee and glasses of wine; she has read manuscripts, produced beautiful cover art work, offered encouragement, done proof-reading, provided small and larger loans, and ongoing friendship to Colleen Higgs as she has worked away getting Modjaji Books off the ground. In 2017 for our 10th birthday she made a clay sculpture of Modjaji – the rain queen.

Gill Gimberg – has read manuscripts, read books, written reviews, edited, proof-read and done cheerleading from the sidelines and generally provided moral support to me and Modjaji. What we have been able to pay Gill has never been even a small part of what she has contributed.

Ben Williams and Book SA, now Bookslive gave Modjaji an online home until we could afford a website.

Bontle Senne, as intern turned investor has put money and thought into Modjaji and came to the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2012, at her own expense to provide support for Modjaji there.

Fiona Adam Ghosh – for investing in Modjaji as an angel investor.

Emily Buchanan for investing in Modjaji and working flat out for over a year on Modjaji.

Corry von Mayenburg – for being such a good friend at the Frankfurt Book Fair every year.

Bibi Bakare-Yusuf – for offering Modjaji lots of advice, leads, connections and useful resources.

Mark Solms – for funding Signs for an Exhibition and for wine in general

These people have believed in Modjaji and bought books – pretty much every title:

Robert Berold
Graeme Reid
Geraldine Whyte
Fiona Snyckers
Helen Moffett
Sarah Lotz
Lynette Paterson

Huge thanks to these people who have invested time and/or money and/or energy and/or skills in Modjaji Books (over and above the call of duty and payment):

Colleen Crawford Cousins
Fiona Adam GhoshToni Olivier
Robert Berold
Fiona Snyckers
Maire Fisher
Natascha Mostert
Bontle Senne
Karen Jennings
Rachel Zadok
Karen Lotter
Dawn Garisch
Emily Buchanan
Diane Awerbuck
Liesl Jobson
Beryl EichenbergerAngela Voges
Finuala Dowling
Helen Moffett

Thank you to these people have bought books faithfully and/or found wonderful ways of supporting Modjaji with leads, features on their blogs, ideas, articles, photographs, letters, introductions to people who have been able to help.

Arja Salafranca
Janet van Eeden
Candy Rohde
Kerry Hammerton
Gary Cummiskey
Rachel Zadok
Kelwyn Sole
Fiona Adams
Kobus Moolman
Lauri KubuitsileRobert Berold
Michelle McGrane
Hugh Hodge
Jayne Bauling
Sarah Frost
Gus Ferguson
Fiona Zerbst
Isabella Morris
Jane Katjavivi
Crystal Warren
Makhosazana XabaJessica PowersGustavo Faraon
Phillippa Yaa de Villiers
Judy Croome
Moira Richards
Louis Greenberg
Karin Schimke
Michael Rolfe
Dorothy Dyer
John Linnegar
Ashraf JohaardienNancy RichardsKarina Sczurek

These booksellers have helped us launch many, many titles and have always been enthusiastic and receptive to Modjaji Books and the work we are doing

The Book Lounge staff and Mervyn Sloman
Kalk Bay Books and Ann Donald
Love Books and Kate Rogan
Amazwi South African Museum of Literature – in Makhanda (Grahamstown), not a bookseller, but a wonderful and warm launch pad for lots of our titles, special thanks to Crystal Warren and Marike Beyers who have done most of the organizing.

Digital Action Printers

Grant at Digital Action is my new Megadigital.


Bontle Senne, Karen Jennings, Aimee-Claire Smith, Grace Brain, Juanita de Villiers, Na’eemah Masoet, Tana Forrest, Nyana Kakoma, Mishka Hoosen

Superstar Artists and Designers

Modjaji Books prides itself on having books that have a distinctive and beautiful look and feel. We source original art work for our covers from local artists, all of them women. We also have a wonderful team of designers who work on our books and make them so visually attractive.

A special thank you to Natascha Mostert, who worked with Modjaji for the first few years of our existence, she has helped us to achieve the quality of design and the distinctive look for which we are known.

Superstar cover artwork artists

Tammy Griffin
Hannah Morris
Carla Kreuser
Diane Swartzberg
Jesse Breytenbach
Colleen Crawford Cousins
Natascha Mostert
Megan Ross
Toni Olivier
Gretchen van der Bijl
Jacqui StecherFire and LionKirsten Beets 
Zanele Muholi (who kindly allowed us to use one of her photographs for the cover of Reclaiming the L-Word)
Danielle Clough
Oriana Fenwick
Michael Andersen
Katherine Glenday
Jaxon Hsu 
Authors who made the artwork for their own covers:

Eliza Kentridge
Christine Coates
Colleen Crawford Cousins
Annette Snyckers

Superstar Book Designers

Monique Cleghorn
Andy Thesen
Jacqui Stecher
Danielle Clough
Megan Ross
Line van Wyk of Life is Awesome Studios
Robin Stuart-Clark
Fire and Lion
Arthur Attwell
Natascha Mostert




Thanks to the NIHSS for their generous support of our website development and for funding the following titles:

Innie Shadows
69 Jerusalem Street
The Pride of Noonlay



Has enabled Modjaji to participate in Cape Town Book Fairs we have participated in, by providing us with sponsorship to be an exhibitor at the Fair and we were able to participate in 4 International Book Fairs with DTI funding and thanks to the organisation of PASA.

Thanks to Jeremy Boraine and Dusanka Stojakovic who have frequently answered random publishing questions and given useful advice and time to discuss publishing issues.

Arts & Culture Trust

Arts & Culture Trust

The Bed Book of Short Stories


Cape 300 Foundation

Cape 300 Foundation

Burnt Offering
Please, Take Photographs
The Attribute of Poetry