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Tiah Beautement

Ella Spinner stumbles through a single day after the tragedy. Set in Mossel Bay, it explores why – despite the grief, the struggles – there remains an urge to try.

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This day is no more significant than the one before, or the one before that. Little progress, if any, seems to be made. Yet, I keep trying, pushing, as if working towards something, even if that something cannot be named.

 Loss has left Ella Spinner alone to care for her husband, Bart, who suffers from clinical depression. Their days now echo the tides: any progress made, rolls back. Yet Ella keeps pushing against the monotony. Set in Mossel Bay, Ella’s day begins like any other. But on this day the minutes begin to crack allowing change to filter through. As we cheer on her tenacity, we’re left asking ourselves what motivates anyone to try again.

Tiah Beautement

Tiah Beautement

Tiah Marie Beautement was born and raised in small town Oregon (USA). Her university education was spread between St Mary’s in California and University of Cape Town. After graduation she found herself in the UK, picking up a South African husband, two children and a second citizenship (UK). In 2008 she moved to South Africa with her family, acquiring a dog and a number of chickens. She splits her time between writing and co-running Short Story Day Africa. Her short stories are scattered over the internet and in print. This Day is her second novel.

A searing and sensitive exploration of grief and loss, This Day held me in its thrall in one sitting and will haunt me for a long time. The writing is pitch-perfect, beautifully crafted, and full of acute and witty observations.
Sarah Lotz, author of The Three, Pompidou Posse, Exhibit A, Tooth and Nailed

“A poignant exploration of the ways we deal with loss.”
Rachel Zadok (author of Gem Squash Tokoloshe and Sister-Sister)