Tracey Farren

Snake is a tabloid tale told in a young girl’s voice; sincere, anxious and human.


When the luminous stranger arrives on the farm, twelve year old Stella is convinced that Jerry has come to heal her family. Now she tells the ‘terrible trouble’ to a tabloid journalist in an effort to save the little that is left. The stage contains a metal wash tub, a traumatised child and a hard-hearted journalist. The script veers between love and violence, shining a naked bulb on psychosis and the preposterous ways in which people express their shame. Snake is a tabloid tale told in a young girl’s voice; sincere, anxious and human.

Tracey Farren

Tracey Farren

Tracey Farren lives in Cape Town with four dogs, a surfer and her three children. She has a psychology honours degree from UCT. She worked as a freelance journalist before turning to fiction.

“Although I am generally quite wary of child narrators, Farren’s Stella won me over completely. Truthful to a fault, exhaustingly so, and with a memory for every last little detail, she is nevertheless haunted. She is the towering strength of this novel. Although her view is young, she engages clearly with moral issues. Farren’s creation of Stella’s voice never falters as she examines the evil consequences of old lies and temptations and sets them up in a balance with decency and goodness in this seemingly artless, yet absolutely ­riveting read.”
Jane Rosenthal, Mail&Guardian

“An equally disturbing and redemptive book.. [leaves you feeling] drawn to your deepest self again. More than a murder mystery, Snake is about the tragic optimism yet creative resilience of the underdog.”
Beth Shirley, Sunday Times

“The story holds you all the way along, through emotion-charged scenes and acts of unspeakable brutality and horror. The final scenes are breath-stopping. This is a story that tears at the heart. Unforgettable.”
– Jayne Bauling, award winning author