Kelwyn Sole reviews Joan Metelerkamp’s new collection, Now the World Takes These Breaths

In the lastest New Coin, the 50th anniversary issue, Kelwyn Sole reviews Joan Metelerkamp‘s 8th volume of poetry. The review is a lengthy engagement with Metelerkamp’s work. It is republished here with permission of the author and the editor of New Coin. Joan Metelerkamp Now the World takes These Breaths (Cape Town: Modjaji Books, 2014) […]

More about our 8th Birthday Party

All three of our Ingrid Jonker Award winners will be reading at the party. Just in case you don’t remember who they are – Megan Hall, Beverly Rycroft and Karin Schimke. And Ingrid Andersen will be there too, happily she is also in Cape Town. The wonderful Malika Ndlovu will em cee the evening, and […]

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