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Meet Charlotte Otter – author of Balthasar’s Gift in June on her book launch tour

Charlotte Otter at Frankfurt Charlotte Otter, a South African writer who lives in Heidelberg in Germany with her family, has written a pacy, hard-boiled, feminist crime fiction novel, the first in a series, with Maggie Cloete, investigative journalist as the main character. Join her at one of the four launches being held around the country, […]

Till next year in Franschoek

For someone who spends most of her time, quietly working away at her desk and laptop at her home office, the Franschoek Literary Festival is strong medicine. Those of you who have been will know what I mean. For three days it is all about books, writers, publishers, wine, booksellers, critics, wine, prizes, books, discussions […]

Letter from Uganda

At the beginning of September, while I was preparing for Open Book and the Frankfurt Book Fair, amongst many other things, I got a call from Goretti Kyomuhendo of the African Writers Trust to ask if Modjaji Books would consider hosting Crystal Rutangye for a six week internship. Well my heart stopped, how to manage […]

A bouquet of thank yous

This is a public thanks to all of those who constantly support me to keep on keeping on with Modjaji Books. There are so many people if I mention people by name I am sure I will leave people out. I want to say thank you to everyone who is encouraging, who buys books, talks […]

My First Time reviewed by Agenda

Unathi Nopece reviews My First Time: Stories of sex and sexuality from women like you in the July 2013 edition of Agenda. Jen Thorpe compiled and edited the collection from the blog she set up. She selected stories from the blog and commissioned a few pieces too and then edited them and worked with Nella […]